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How to Search by Recipe Number?   by smartcookie on 03/13/2012 14:23
How to Link to a Recipe?   by Dumbledore [Admin] on 02/07/2011 17:46
  Subject :How to Link to a Recipe?
02/07/2011 17:46 
Dumbledore [Admin]
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To link a recipe in a post:

1. Clicking on 'Post Reply' at the top left hand corner of the page.
2. You'll notice a toolbar with several buttons. One of the buttons has a small green pot icon or a miniature CookKosher logo. Click on that green pot.
3. Fill in the required recipe number, for example 567, in the pop-up window.

Alternatively, you can link a recipe by manually typing (without the word "Code:"):

This would also work if you use the QUICK REPLY window to post instead of the aforementioned 'Post Reply' button.

Whether you use the green pot icon or type [url][/url] manually, once you submit your post, the recipe link will look like this:

Recipe #567
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  Subject :Re:How to Link to a Recipe?
02/11/2011 11:48 
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I'm trying to edit my rating on a recipe with the link to the recipe I added and I can't get a toolbar there.
I tried doing the Recipe #1415 and that didn't work either
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  Subject :Re:How to Link to a Recipe?
02/11/2011 12:47 
Dumbledore [Admin]
Joined: 12/13/2010 22:03
Posts: 33
You're right.

Both the toolbar and the [url] method work only in the forum. For the moment there is no way to link to a recipe in reviews. We're working on it but in the interim you can refer to a recipe by mentioning the:

1. Recipe title
2. The name of the member who posted it
3. The recipe number

So that anybody can then find the recipe you're referring to, using the search engine.

In your case you'd write: DILL DIP by fay123 (Recipe #1415).
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