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  Subject :Sifting Wholewheat Flour
05/08/2012 00:40 
Joined: 02/27/2012 21:57
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I always sift my flour with a fine mesh sifter. How do you sift wholewheat flour? It doesn't fit through.
  Subject :Re:Sifting Wholewheat Flour
05/08/2012 15:23 
Joined: 04/16/2012 21:43
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whole wheat flour needs to be sifted with a smaller mesh sifter.
  Subject :Re:Sifting Wholewheat Flour
05/14/2012 19:13 
Joined: 12/15/2010 10:01
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In Israel you can buy vacume packed whole wheat. Some are on shelves in the grocery, and some in the refrigerators. (Personally I like Rubinfeld)
  Subject :Re:Sifting Wholewheat Flour
05/14/2012 21:25 
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just to make everyone aware. Sifted flour needs to be in freezer if you don't use it that day. Otherwise, you gotta resift it:(
  Subject :Re:Sifting Wholewheat Flour
07/30/2012 02:40 
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Shibolim Company now has Rubinfeld's whole wheat flour (both whole ground & whole wheat blend). I used it today to make delicious whole wheat rolls. Shibolim products, crackers & spelt snackers etc.. are delicious. I like their whole wheat flour best. Most important, it is already sifted and doesn't require checking, with a very reliable hechsher from B'datz in Israel.
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