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  Subject :Summer suppers ideas?
06/15/2012 03:53 
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(incidentally, I couldn't figure out what forum to put this in. Maybe we should have a "menus" topic? Admin?)

I am a soup lover. All Fall/Winter I love making soups, a rich and hearty one can be the main dish for supper, a lighter one would pair with one other dish and I'm done. I love to make them big and have lots of leftovers and go dunking back in for more, plus freeze containers and have an instant supper the next week.

But in the summer people are just not in the mood for soup so often. Once in a while, OK, but I can't do three different soups in one week anymore.

I have never yet met a cold soup I like. It is just NOT the same thing at all. So that's not the answer.

Any suggestions to get me through the summer? Besides my boring repertoire of macaroni, pizza, one fleishig a week (not boring but only once a week, not budgeting meat twice)
  Subject :Re:Summer suppers ideas?
06/15/2012 04:26 
Joined: 12/13/2010 16:35
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Not a fan of cold soups either.

So many ideas you can do.

Stir fry/lomien
Pancakes/ waffles
Salads - you can add turkey which isn't expensive
Falafel - falafel batter can be frozen

Is your problem for diet reasons or you don't have dinner ideas?
  Subject :Re:Summer suppers ideas?
06/18/2012 00:54 
Joined: 03/02/2011 01:36
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Thanks for the ideas. No special diet, just wanting inspiration, I get tired of my same ol' and in the winter the way I deal with that is by trying different soups all the time. I do try to stay away from super unhealthy things like over-processed foods (hot dogs, salami) and too much sugar.

I'd rather stay away from egg-heavy suppers, though, because my husband and daughter tend to breakfast on eggs. No cholesterol problems yet B"H but I don't want any either.

Doesn't stir fry make you hot standing over the pan the whole time? Maybe I do it wrong...

Falafel is one of my favorites! A pain to make but if I do a big batch I find it freezes well and I can just pop a few in the toaster oven when we're ready for it. Do you have a favorite recipe? I have a recipe just always shopping for more.
  Subject :Re:Summer suppers ideas?
06/19/2012 22:07 
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If you have a grill outside, the greatest supper in the summertime is grilled food. Quick, easy, and oh so delicious. Anything you slap on the grill tastes great. Chicken, fish, meat are all great choices. Just add a salad and some corn or potatoes(also grilled) and you are done. I love the fact that my kitchen stays clean and eating outdoors is always a treat! You can even experiment with fruit and grill them. Pineapple is a favorite.
  Subject :Re:Summer suppers ideas?
06/21/2012 01:52 
Joined: 03/02/2011 01:36
Posts: 45
Sigh... we don't have a grill, we don't have the budget for chicken and meat, and we have a fish allergy. Soooo... back at the drawing board! Thanks anyway! *$#@ city apartment life.
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