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  Subject :Freezing raw kugel
06/06/2012 20:38 
Joined: 10/18/2011 04:15
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I have a delicious recipe from my sister that calls for grated cortland apples, which I usually make the same day I serve it. One of my neighbors mentioned that she always freezes her kugels raw. She suggested I try to shred the apples (instead of grate), drain excess liquid, & then freeze raw with the crumb dough. Did anyone try freezing raw apple kugel ? Do you bake it straight from freezer or defrost abit ?
  Subject :Re:Freezing raw kugel
06/14/2012 14:04 
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I have done both-frozen the kugal raw and also I freeze the apple kugal after I bake it. Both ways are great and they taste very good! I prefer to freeze the apple or any fruit kugal after it is baked, only because I find it easier just to warm it in the oven and it takes less time. As far as shredding or grating the apples, again it's how you like the apples. I like them grated, since the apples are bigger. It's all about taste. When you bake it, you don't need to defrost it, just bake it on a lower oven for a little longer. Good Luck!
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