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  • Re:Re:Game ripe
  • Re:Summer suppers ideas? If you have a grill outside, the greatest supper in the summertime is grilled food. Quick, easy, and oh so delicious. Anything you slap on the grill tastes great. Chicken, fish, meat are all great choices. Just add a salad and some corn or potatoes(also grilled) and you are done. I love the fact ...
  • Re:Freezing raw kugel I have done both-frozen the kugal raw and also I freeze the apple kugal after I bake it. Both ways are great and they taste very good! I prefer to freeze the apple or any fruit kugal after it is baked, only because I find it easier just to warm it in the oven and it takes less time. As far as shr...
  • Re:loaf recipe in bundt pan Yup, I always change the loaf pans to a bundt pan and vice a verse. I also have a small bundt pan so it's hard to say how much more of a recipe you need. The only thing I would check for is the baking time. That changes depending on the size of the pan.
  • Question for Smartcookie The recipe you posted for cabbage muffins #57731 sounds great. I would like to make these, however, can you please clarify what kind of shredded cabbage you used. White, purple or the mixed bag? Also what is 1.75 bags mean? Thanks and awaiting your reply.
  • Re:Bosch Universal MUM6622 700 Watts Stand Mixer Why do u want the old machine when I hear the new one is one great mixer? I still have the older model and when it goes I would like to replace with it with the newer model. You might be able to just call around to all the local hardware stores in your neighborhood. They might still have an older...
  • Re:recipe instructions unclear Seems like a cake I would like to try, however, does step 4 go before step 5? Also, step 1 says to flatten into 2 pans. So is this cake made in two layers or do you have 2 cakes from this recipe? Did you make a topping for this cake? Thanks and please clarify.
  • Re:Pesach Sheni I know it is after Pesach sheni, but how about making some Matzah Meal Latkes. My family really likes them and they can be made either sweet or salty, depending of your families taste buds. I will post the recipe and picture today. By the way, I will be using matzah meal from Pessach, since I ha...
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