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  • Re:Summer suppers ideas? Sigh... we don't have a grill, we don't have the budget for chicken and meat, and we have a fish allergy. Soooo... back at the drawing board! Thanks anyway! *$#@ city apartment life.
  • Re:Summer suppers ideas? Thanks for the ideas. No special diet, just wanting inspiration, I get tired of my same ol' and in the winter the way I deal with that is by trying different soups all the time. I do try to stay away from super unhealthy things like over-processed foods (hot dogs, salami) and too much sugar. I...
  • Summer suppers ideas? (incidentally, I couldn't figure out what forum to put this in. Maybe we should have a "menus" topic? Admin?) I am a soup lover. All Fall/Winter I love making soups, a rich and hearty one can be the main dish for supper, a lighter one would pair with one other dish and I'm done. I love to make...
  • Re:America-England Well I've arrived too late for any homework I'm sure, but just for kicks, my British seminary dorm mate cracked us up calling earring backs "butterflies" and runs in stockings "ladders." It was funny because it made such sense!
  • Cookie dough in fridge still good? I suspect no... I made a cookie dough about a week ago but it was a bit of a last-minute thing while other stuff was going on around the house/life so I didn't have time to bake it all. I baked two trays and shoved the rest of the dough into the fridge for "later." The dough included an egg. L...
  • Re:I'm always starved when at work..... I like veggies with dip... not so satisfying but when you need to feel your mouth munching on something... baby carrots are great.
  • Re:What to make for classmates tenoyim..... Someone I know does something really easy that's adorable. Take a package of those square chocolate-covered marshmallow things. You cut horizontally near the top as if to ALMOST slice off the top, but leave it attached. Bend that up so it stands up (not at a 90-degree angle, tilted a little) Then...
  • Re:My strawberries are buggy! :( So interesting, my husband has that kind of severe allergy to kiwis and besides for him, until now I had never heard of that from anyone else! Everyone knows about nut allergies but kiwi?! That was a surprise.
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