A busy bubbie who likes cooking, but not cleaning up--so the easier the better.
I LIVE IN Cleveland FAVORITE FOOD changes daily MY SPECIALTY I enjoy making soup. MY HOBBIES WEBSITE http://






  • Re:Difficulty uploading photos Thank you! I'll do that.
  • Difficulty uploading photos I finally took a couple of photos and want to add them to my recipes. When I go to the recipes in My Kitchen, I click on the "add your photo" (on the image that says "no photo"), then browse, then click upload. I get a buffering signal for a long time, then I think it times out. I'm shown that ub...
  • Re:What's your favorite kitchen gadget? I'm a little late to the party here, but I just saw a similar survey on FB, and it was enlightening to read the responses. I have a mini-wire wisk I use almost every day. I whisk up a little bit of dressing or corn starch into a little water, etc. I love silicone spatulas also, and especially the...
  • Re:Question on Recipe #1946 Sheri--you are in the right place to learn about kosher cooking! You can learn a lot from this site...just like the rest of us. Chag Sameach!
  • Re:Fiber (for next year) I have the same problem every Pesach. Eating lots of fresh produce really helps. Think salad and fruit. I also keep prunes on hand. The O-U guide usually has a brand that can be purchased at a regular grocery store--these seem more palatable to me than the heimishe brands. I think they are freshe...
  • Re:I'm always starved when at work..... PS--Anyone who is interested...Biggest Loser cookbooks are NOT kosher. They are adaptable, though. I bought used ones at for much less than new ones cost.
  • Re:I'm always starved when at work..... Short answer: A treadmill & a Biggest Loser cookbook. (I had never heard of Biggest Loser until I got on Twitter!). For the first month or so, I journaled everything I ate (except for Shabbos & Yontif). It's tedious, but it works. I ate 1200 calories a day and got on the treadmill almost every da...
  • Re:red wine vinegar I wouldn't add in wine (unless the alcohol will be cooked off). Just sub in one of your other vinegars; it will taste slightly different than your recipe intends, but it will work out fine. I sub in cider vinegar when I'm unsure because it's a little less "sharp" tasting. Hope it works out!
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