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Written by Cook Kosher on Thursday, 08 December 2011. Posted in Tips And Tricks

Are you a supertaster?

Supertasters are people born with more specialized taste buds than the average person. You know you’re a supertaster when you can’t stand black coffee, broccoli, spinach, green tea, beer, scotch, cauliflower or soy products.
Women are more likely to be supertasters than men. Many Chef’s are supertasters, which could explain their success in a field where taste is king.
There are ways to trick your taste buds into liking foods that seem bitter to you as a supertaster.  The most effective way to transform these foods is by steaming or cooking them. Then add some fat – oil or cream and the bitter food can turn into a dish you'll love. 
Here are some more recipes you may want to try. They may change your view on foods you don't like:

Test your Taste

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