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Written by Leah Schapira on Wednesday, 22 February 2012. Posted in Tips And Tricks

Biscotti is always a classic mishloach manos treat, and you can personalize them to make them even more special. I headed out to Barnettes Fine Biscotti with my trusty camera to learn some tips and tricks for making them neat and pretty.


The first basic tips is to use water to flatten out the top of the biscotti batter so that it is smooth and even. This trick I actually learned from my sister and included it in my cookbook. Place a bowl of water on the side and dip in your hands when you form the loaves of biscotti.


Trim the ends so the batter is a perfect rectangle before it goes into the oven.


Looking good!


Aha, now were talking. Looking even better!


Time for dipping and decorating! All chocolate is melted over a double boiler. Since white chocolate is thicker, the biscottis are dipped in.


For dark chocolate covered biscotti, use a silicone spatula to "paint" the chocolate over the biscotti.


Also, don’t forget! For dark chocolate biscottis, don’t wait until the biscottis are cold. It’s not like frosting a cake—the chocolate must be spread while the biscottis are still warm. You'll be rewarded with chocolate that will be shiny. 

Time for the best part! Chocolate chips, craisins, caramelized nuts. The choices are endless.



Here they are decorated. Dried cranberries, mini chocolate chips and drizzled chocolate.


Give your friends a selection with different toppings, or you can skip the work and order them from Barnetts! Barnett’s Biscotti are all handmade, all-natural, unique and delicious. It makes the perfect gift.


Here you will find many more biscotti recipes

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  • rachel
    23 February 2012 at 08:33 |

    Wow, I love biscotti and this is just beautiful!

  • Diet
    23 February 2012 at 15:11 |

    Beautiful biscotti!

  • CookMama
    02 March 2012 at 01:17 |

    Just went on their site and ordered some of these enticing biscotti's. Will let you know how they taste. They do look beautiful!

  • gberg
    06 March 2012 at 07:37 |

    I actually made this after seeing your tips and they came out AMAZING! Thank you!

  • Ruti
    13 March 2012 at 01:09 |

    Delicious! Got these in a mishloach manos - they were gone in a minute!

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