Food Styling: Picture-Perfect Sushi Salad

Written by Cook Kosher on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Tips And Tricks

We're back with another food styling special. These posts are here to help you plate a food item to  perfection. Just like the pro's do it. Don't forget to check out out our Picture-Perfect Soup

Sushi is a trend that's here to stay. But there is no need to always serve it the conventual way. For you next brunch, shabbos or seudah shlishit, make Sushi Trifle Salad

You can choose to make this in a large bowl or serve it in individual glasses. No need to have matching glasses, as assorted ones add a fun twist. 

Start by layering cooked sushi rice. 

Crumble or cut Nori sheets over the rice. 

Add some cubed avacodo for color. 

Add some cucumber. The original poster suggested cubed cucumbers. Our food stylist used a peeled to create ribbons out of the cucumber for a prettier affect. 


Top with pieces of salmon. Sprinkle with dressing. 

And garlish with sesame seeds. 

Easy, Elegant and Delicous. 


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Comments (10)

  • CookMama
    08 May 2012 at 16:26 |

    Fantastic idea! Why couldn't I think of this????? Loved this and thank you. I will be using this idea in some fashion for my Shavuot meal.

  • shoba
    09 May 2012 at 13:52 |


  • yoelbenyossef
    11 May 2012 at 17:05 |

    That closely resembles a Japanese dish called Chirashizushi (scattered sushi). It's often served with a small salad on it too.
    The recipe might be even nicer with a little shiso leaf. I also like to peel entire carrots, marinated them in a little rice vinegar, honey, and siracha. Could add a nice crunch to the recipe.

  • leah123
    18 May 2012 at 14:27 |

    great idea! do you have a good recipe for this? like for the dressing? thanks

    • malkie
      22 May 2012 at 16:37 |

      There is a link in the article for the recipe.

  • malkie
    22 May 2012 at 16:37 |

    How can I make the rice in advance?

  • LeahS [Admin]
    22 May 2012 at 22:12 |

    You can make the rice a few days before and bring it to room temperature before serving.

    • malkie
      29 May 2012 at 16:38 |

      Thanks it was a huge hit.

  • ruthy
    12 May 2013 at 18:36 |

    Link isn't working. Help with the dressing? Planning my Shavuout menu now.

  • emeraldsunsets
    18 July 2013 at 21:53 |

    Link to dressing works fine! This looks delish and a lot easier than rolling sushi. I am veg, so I will sub the salmon for seitan or marinaded tofu, and use rice vinegar in the rice. Also maybe using seaweed salad instead of nori, or kimchee would be awesome for us!

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