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Written by Esther Ottensoser on Wednesday, 23 May 2012. Posted in Table Toppers

Looking for a bouquet of flowers that will satisfy everyone’s taste – have we got a sweet idea for you! This beautiful “arrangement” can be simply assembled and is sure to be a most popular bunch of flowers. All it takes is a trip to the candy store, and let your creativity blossom as you fill the skewers with candy. As an added bonus these flowers are sure to stay looking fresh throughout  yom tov …..  if they’re not eaten first.


Bouquet #1

Assortment of soft candies which can easily be put on skewers (ex. Fruit gems, sour star candies, etc )
Long skewers
Planter (available in craft stores)
Plastic grass, moss, leaves or silk flowers to cover Styrofoam(craft stores)
Heavy rocks (to prevent bouquet from tipping)
Place rocks in planter.
To assemble the skewers in the planter you will need to anchor the skewers so they will stand
Place filler in planter (plastic grass, Styrofoam, moss, leaves…) You may use a  glue gun to keep in place. Arrange candies on skewers. 
Position skewers in planter.

Bouquet #2

2 Glass Vases one to be placed within the other 
Jelly Beans
Flowers to coordinate with jelly beans
Place flowers and water in the  smaller vase. Place small vase in larger vase.
Surround the smaller vase with jelly beans( mixed or layered.

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