Quick Garnishing Ideas for Yom Tov Plates

Written by Cook Kosher on Friday, 28 September 2012. Posted in Tips And Tricks

We cooked and cooked, and even though you think you need a good long break, there’s still one thing left to do: serve the food.

Now, you can either just plop the food on the table, or you can get your guests excited by adding a bit of pizzazz to their plates. Here’s some quick and simple tips that make a big difference.

1) Add color
To add color using vegetables, thinly slice zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato, red onion, and a cherry tomato onto a knotted bamboo skewer (any skewer will do, but these are inexpensive and look stylish). Roast the veggies ahead of time with olive oil, salt and pepper. 
Or, for quicker color, steam mini carrots-on-the-vine or baby squash and pattypans to serve alongside your meat and chicken.
2) Repurpose your drinking glasses
Serve your first course in a martini glass, or anything else you have in your cabinet, like these punch glasses, which we used to serve our sushi salad. 
3) Get creative with kugel
Kugel is probably the least attractive dish on the table. Use a deep cookie cutter and serve each guest a circle rather than the typical square.
My aunt tops her kugel dish with thinly sliced and fried potatoes, which she sliced on a mandolin. The kids really love it. You can also use beets and carrots 
4) Add a bread basket
You’re already making challah, so roll some into tall breadsticks and add different toppings to each. Serve them standing up, so they can double as a centerpiece. Your family members will feel like they’re at a restaurant as they reach for another stick. 
Looking for more food styling ideas? Click here for Picture perfect soup and lots of table setting ideas. 

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