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Written by Victoria Dwek on Thursday, 15 November 2012. Posted in Tips And Tricks


My family takes our coffee seriously. My Grandma Rose is known for being super critical about the coffee everywhere she eats. She won’t go back to a patronize a place if it failed to serve her coffee piping hot. 
My own pod-based coffee machine is still chugging along after eight years of use. It’s been very loyal and produces a delicious cup. But there’s one big caveat: it doesn’t make hot coffee.
We don’t stand for that! Here’s my tips for getting a perfect cup from a less than perfect machine:
1) Forget the ceramic mug. Even if you’re not on the go, use a stainless steel travel mug that’s also stainless steel on the inside. Mine keeps my coffee hot for half the day. 
2) Steam the milk! I’m also rushing out the door in the mornings, but never miss this step. Heat your milk in a little saucepan on the stovetop. I would never even think of pouring cold milk into a hot cup. 
3) In a pinch and need to manage with instant? While our electricity was out after Hurricane Sandy, I survived a week on instant coffee for the first time in my life. It wasn’t easy. I’d use a couple spoons of coffee in just a little water so it was very saturated, and added the mixture to a cup of steamed vanilla soy. It was actually...drinkable. 
4) Stir with plastic. Do you reach for a metal spoon from your flatware drawer when stirring sugar or Splenda into your coffee? Don’t! The metal draws the heat away from the coffee and into the spoon. I, instead, reach for a plastic spoon from my children’s drawer in the kitchen (yes, the drawer that is filled with sippy cups and colorful bowls). 
To make all our lives much easier, so we can all have a gourmet latte or cappuccino every morning without any fuss, The Kitchen Clique is offering all CookKosher members 25% off Nespresso Espresso Machines from November 16th through the 18th (that’s Sunday!). 
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The Nespresso is really beautiful, worthy of a spot on the counter. I especially love the flavor of espresso over plain Jane coffee, and the built-in milk frother takes an ordinary cup into a real coffee house treat. Feeling generous and want to get a headstart on Chanukah gifts? Simply want to treat yourself? Enjoy! 
This post is sponsored by The Kitchen Clique

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