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If you're still looking for ideas, inspiration and menu planning help for Shavuos, CookKosher is here to help! We've combed through our extensive recipe archives and put together two sample menus- one for dairy, and one for meat. So whether you need some filler recipe ideas, or have a whole meal to plan, check out the delicious recipes linked below!

Table by Event Planner Chaya Sarah Thau

Dairy Menu

Blueberry Soup by member Alexis613
Baked Tilapia with Garlic and Basil by member thekosherspoon
Tomato Gratin by member nweiser
Two Tone Potato Bake by member Lea
or go with a lighter potato Baked Basil Fries by member cook7
End off your meal with CHEESECAKE! With so many options you'll have to look through to find one you like!
And if you're not a cheesecake fan then a new twist on the classic Cheese Blintz by member Doctor or  these Triple Layer Mousse by member English Tea should leave you speechless.
Table by Event Planner CM Taub

Meat Menu



Maroccan Meat Cigars by memberEAloff
Serve the Cigars with some  Toasted Sesame Seed Hummus by member Overtimecook
Pea Dill Lettuce Salad by member Diet

Main Dish

Lamb Chops by member tzippo98
Savory Flanken or Veal by member rebeca
Beer Brisket by member dkovskyapap

Side Dishes

Quinoa Pilaf by member Smartcookie or Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables by member rochstar
String Bean Deli Delight  by member Cindye5
Warm Balsamic Potato Salad by member AlwaysCookin
Apple Crumb Pie by member Chanee


Desserts Desserts Desserts. It's quite hard to decide when faced with so many choices. 
How about a Two Tone Praline Flower pot by member Smartcookie? or a Lemon Bundt Cake by member LPK226. No time? Make this 3 ingredient Chocolate Pretzel Ice cream by member Giftedangel6.
What are you cooking? Thank you for all the members that post recipes and photos! You make this site as awesome as it is!

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  • suryeng
    21 May 2013 at 15:07 |

    This is awesome! Cant wait to look through each link

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