12 hours in Cannes, France

Written by Leah Schapira on Monday, 27 October 2014. Posted in Food on the Go

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Along the French Riviera is the beautiful city of Cannes (pronounced kan). The city is known for it’s annual Film Festival, luxury shops, restaurants and hotels. 
Like most places in the world, the quickest place to find information is to first google if Chabad has representatives in the city. On their site you can find information about accommodations close to the Synagogue, kosher groceries, and restaurants. 
Once you’ve settled into your hotel room, the next stop may be to find some food. During the summer when tourist season is high the stores are open longer and there are more options, such as Pizza Yam located at the Chabad Center 22 Rue Commandant Vidal. Tel : +33(0)60240 8599.
The first place you may want to try is Rouvi Snack Bagel located at 18 Rue Louis Nouveau. Tel : +33(0)62212 6559.
In the fall of 2014 when we were there they were open from 12-3 and 7-10:30 at night. 
With delicious choice of authentic falafel in fantastic pita, bagels with smoked salmon or egg salad, chicken fingers, burgers.. There is plenty you can choose for lunch or dinner. Rouvi’s food was delicious, fresh and worth the visit. 
Next up for dinner we visited New Toval Restaurant. New Toval is a sit down, waiter service restaurant within a few blocks from most sea-side hotels. The restaurant is also opens for Shabbat if it has a minimum 15 reservations and can deliver kosher meals to your hotel, boat or apartment. 
They were very accommodating with serving things off the menu, requests for extras and overall great service. 
Le 5 we read great reviews online about the food, but it was closed when we stopped by. 
One more choice is Cote Croisette, under supervision of Rabbanut of Nice, is another sit down restaurant with a limited menu. Since we didn’t eat there at our short stay we can’t recommend it. 
Note that within a 45 minute drive from Cannes lies the city of Nice (where most likely you’ll fly into). Nice has many kosher restaurants and food options too. Drive a little further down and you can visit the second most smallest country in the world - Monoco or as many refer it to Monte Carlo. Monoco has no kosher food options but you can stop by Nice on the way to pick up food. 
As the French say... bon appétit.  

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